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    A day in the life of Alerwyn (Solo RP for when I'm bored cuz no one else wants to RP with me)


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    A day in the life of Alerwyn (Solo RP for when I'm bored cuz no one else wants to RP with me)

    Post by Hardcore_Donut on Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:34 pm

    Alerwyn awoke as the sun beamed in on his skin, early that morning. He rubbed his eyes wearily and placed his hand on the branch beneath him. He was glad he hadn't fallen from the tree, though he wasn't sure why he had to touch the branch. Clearly he would have had some pain had he fallen out. Needless to say, he probably would have woken up from the fall. He looked to the plains, unsure of what to do today, but figured he'd try to do something anyway. He jumped from the tree, landing gracefully on his feet and made his way into town.

    As he arrived in the market district, merchants were yelling their wares and prices as they always did. He sat by the fountain and thought about the song he was writing. He was curious as to if he should sing it before the people in the marketplace, hoping to get some coin. He looked to the lyrics sheet, and looked to his instrument. He thought about it briefly, and then shrugged. He figured he would admire the beauty of the fountain, for a little bit longer.

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