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    Post by Gendrik on Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:43 pm

    Recently, a shipment of goods containing parts for the city-state of Alneghora's Navy has been stolen by privateers that have been ravaging the coastline for the past few months. Among these parts are blueprints for a new model of ship that use some sort of portable explosive when attempting to capture or destroy another ship at close range, something ONLY Alneghora is in possession of and has tested. If this becomes uniform for the world's Navies, it won't be long before Alneghora is destroyed, for their Navy is what keeps them a threat.

    Prime Minister Alik, a hardened Dwarven man, and the former Rear Admiral of Alneghora's Navy has put out a considerable reward for any who can bring this privateers to justice; dead or alive.

    It is believed that the privateers are no small group, perhaps with number totaling more than two dozen. However, this is just speculation. They have been known to be highly trained and belligerent, and if anyone nears their camp, they will attack on sight, as reported by a scout who returned mangled, but alive, from a reconnaissance mission about a week ago.

    It is rumored that these pirates are to be shipping the parts and blueprints to Alneghora's rival city-state, Pek'Nush, a small militaristic state composed mostly of half-orcs, which lies to the northeast of Alneghora, on the plains of a peninsula that is isolated by mountains except by sea.

    The job is simple. Retrieve the goods before the pirates reach Pek'Nush. The reward is greater if they are returned alive, and all of the goods remain intact.

    This mission is recommended for a party of perhaps a half dozen to ten players, all of which recommended be at least level 3.

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