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    Hardcore's House Rules


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    Hardcore's House Rules Empty Hardcore's House Rules

    Post by Admin on Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:32 am

    House Rules
    Please note that these are subject to change at Dungeon Master’s Discretion and will be in effect at all times unless stated otherwise by the Dungeon Master.

    Character Creation House Rules

    1. When rolling attribute score dice, roll 4d6 drop the lowest roll and re-roll all 1’s.
    2. Always roll 7 times for attribute scores and drop the lowest.
    3. Always roll two sets for attribute scores.
    4. Monster Races are only allowed with the Dungeon Master’s Approval.
    5. PSIONIC NECROMANCERS ARE FORBIDDEN! (this rule can be ignored at you own peril of course.)
    6. Psionics are forbidden unless otherwise noted.
    7. Anything used outside of 3.5 Edition must be reviewed and approved by the Dungeon Master.
    8. I do not account for weight on items, as long as it's not ridiculous or unreasonable.

    Game House Rules

    1. Never bring outside issues inside of a campaign. If you have problems in reality that will prevent you from playing with another character or to your full potential, please state so in the beginning and the Dungeon Master will excuse you.
    2. Our runs are not a job. You do not have to call in sick the day before, nor do you even have to alert anyone, however we would appreciate it if you did report an absence.
    3. Joking is fun and fine; just do not push it to offend someone or to interrupt the game itself. We get a lot more work done if we focus, but it’s always fun and ok to joke around.
    4. If you need to step away for a moment, please alert the group, we will take an intermission and allow you to return.
    5. If you need to end the game early, we request that you let us know so we can either continue or do something else.
    6. Have Fun!

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