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    Gendrik's Log of Occurrence


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    Gendrik's Log of Occurrence

    Post by Gendrik on Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:04 pm

    Day 1

    Hearing from Archbishop of the Cathedral of Pelor that a village to the west had been raided and pillaged, I knew I had to do something about it, granting those murdered in this ungodly act some retribution. I was told to gather a few more members and create a party so that this issue be dealt with and disrupt any possible future raids.

    So, I did. I made my way through the various districts of the city. The area around the church, the market district, the city park and fields surrounding it, even the slums, to find some who may have been of use to me. And boy did I ever.

    I hadn't the faintest of clues how diverse the city actually was until I found myself wandering even the remotest of back streets. I felt sorrow and suffering and some areas, yet my mind and body felt at ease; at home, through some areas. Finding a couple thieves, a bard of sorts, a fellow Paladin of Pelor, Xantharin, an acquaintance of mine, and a brute. Along this journey, I participated in a small card game, in which luck must have been on my side, for I won, and didn't get mugged.

    We all sat and met at the Starraven Inn toward the center of town, and discussed what it was that must be done. After a couple of my companions got hammered, some stayed at the inn, and others went their way for the night, and my newfound party had departed the next day.

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    Re: Gendrik's Log of Occurrence

    Post by Gendrik on Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:10 pm

    Day 2

    After a few hours of traveling through the seemingly never-ending plains to the west and northwest of the land, we happened upon a cave after following tracks we'd been following.

    The cave was rather large in size, and extremely dark, thank Pelor we had one of Dwarven descent with us, or we may not have made it through so simply.

    Rigged with traps galore, and a large pit in the center, the place was eery to just be inside of. However, once the traps were taken care of, plentiful treasure was to be found, resulting in a small boost of my funds and for everyone else's.

    However, when traveling enough through the caves, we happened upon some beasts, kobolds, goblins and a bugbear to be exact. Our brutish friend took quite the beating, while our musical acquaintance walked away unscathed.

    Knowing those of the village were avenged and retribution for them was achieved, my heart was put to rest and satisfaction was granted.

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