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    Preservation of the Past


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    Preservation of the Past

    Post by Gendrik on Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:54 pm

    Famed historian Emaelin Herrik has, with a team of archaeologists, recently found a great new discovery. It has been found the remains of an old forum of an ancient, and seemingly human, civilization that had been forgotten, was unearthed. Being that it was found a considerable amount from Emaelin's home, it must be ensured that parts excavated from this find are brought back safely, as well as sketches drawn of it. Due to political issues within the city-state itself, being Emaelin's home, many highways and roads into and out of the city have been shut down, save for a few.

    Unluckily, these few roads are constantly pestered by highwaymen and wild animal attacks. The job is simple, Emaelin and the goods are to return home in one piece, and a reward shall be granted. If this job is accepted, Head Councilor Judishe will provide more details.

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