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    Returning from the Raider's Cave


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    Returning from the Raider's Cave Empty Returning from the Raider's Cave

    Post by Hardcore_Donut on Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:39 am

    Alerwyn walked out of the Star Raven Tavern. He smiled at the memorable sights and sounds of the small town. It comforted him, after that terrible journey through the cave. He made his way to the market place, and sat by the fountain. People were walking back and forth, and in the background one could hear merchants yelling off their goods and prices, "Buy some rugs! Five silver coins a piece! Just five silver!", "Fresh fruit for sale! Three copper an apple, four for a banana!", "Get your vases here! 8 copper for clay, 3 gold for silver!" All manner of goods were being sold in this market place. Alerwyn walked over to a merchant. "Excuse me sir, can I buy some paper, ink, and a quill?" The merchant eyed him up and down. "Well, you're an odd looking fella, aren't ya?" He smirked and chuckled softly. "Since I've never seen one of your kind, I'll sell it to ya cheap. 1 copper for the paper, 3 for the quill and ink." Alerwyn smiled, nodded, and handed the man four copper.

    He took his newly acquired goods, and sat by the fountain again. He began to write words down on the paper in Elven. He was hoping to write a ballad, based on his past experience in the cavern. He knew it wouldn't be good, as he had never written his own song, but he tried his best, and used his knowledge of other songs to try to create a good song. (Craft:Song check.) He continued to scribe the words on the paper, letting them flow from his mind. He thought that every great bard had written the lyrics, before the music. So that's what he was going to do.

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    Returning from the Raider's Cave Empty Re: Returning from the Raider's Cave

    Post by redsoxfan8112009 on Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:43 pm

    Erlgar walked into town in the late afternoon, in his regular inquisitive yet scornful demeanor. He had been traveling with a new group of strangers, along with his long-time partner, Oz Vessalius. In complete honesty, Erlgar usually didn't much like him, unless he was helping him out, which he usually ended up doing. Erlgar wasn't the most charismatic dwarf.  Otherwise, Oz's tendency to follow the rules and general indifference made him quite dull to be around. It was quite odd for a human, most of them run around crusading for the Good Fight or backstabbing their friends for personal gain. The latter, Erlgar thought, he didn't mind so much, but the former made him sick. Still, the two did share a bond that neither of them could deny after the years of traveling as a pair.

    To be fair, Erlgar didn't exactly pursue evil, but it seemed to find him. Natural tendency to rebel against traditional institutions coupled with acute selfishness doesn't lend itself to being a  lawful crusader type. This is quite odd for a dwarf, admittedly, but he was thoroughly used to being the exception to many rules.

    As he walked, the fatigue of his adventuring hit him, and he decided he would find something to eat and get some sleep. Partly because he was broke, and partly because he wasn't a fan of paying, he snatched some fruit and bread while an unsuspecting merchant wasn't looking.Check: Sleight of Hand He sat behind the inn eating and began to reflect on the previous days' travels. Hopefully, he thought, he'd come out of the next days having found some excitement and a lot of gold. As it began to get darker, he headed off to find Oz, he'd surely gotten a room at the inn already.

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    Returning from the Raider's Cave Empty Re: Returning from the Raider's Cave

    Post by Gendrik on Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:34 pm

    Gendrik walked through the gate of the city and breathed in a breath of fresh air. Familiarity, at last. Quite comforting... he thought to himself as he took in the familiar sights that were recently not too familiar. Young as he is, Gendrik went about with his head held high and his ego bursting from every end of him as the townspeople, or at least some of them, knew of his deeds. It was satisfying no doubt, but there's a fine line to be drawn before you've gone overboard, and Gendrik utterly had, as a couple people gestured toward him, granting him awareness of such.

    Today, Gendrik felt he deserved to bask in his glory. Given his past, it's a rather new feeling to him. He took the scenic route walking through the town, admiring this and that, and enjoying things he may not have before. New faces to admire, and old ones to remember and cherish, Gendrik smirked at it all. Upon arriving at the market district, Gendrik felt his stomach rumbling due to all of the smells he was surrounded by. Meat was the staple of his diet, and the smell of deer was perhaps his favorite. He knew exactly which vendor was selling this delicacy, so he decided to pay it a visit.

    Upon arriving, the vendor spotted Gendrik before Gendrik spotted him.
    "Gendrik, my boy! How've ya been?! I heard of your successes on your journey, and wanna congratulate ya!" It was just who Gendrik wanted to see. Old man Bryson. The man who taught Gendrik to cook his favorite meals. Bryson and he always shared somewhat of a special bond. Bryson was an avid follower of Pelor as well, and marveled in the same things Gendrik did, things such as the culinary arts and music. Bryson's hand was outstretched, offering Gendrik a handshake, which he returned.
    "Not bad, Bryson, not bad at all! I figured I'd come to see my favorite guy in my favorite place in town. All this heroism works up an appetite. Got anything special today?"
    "As a matter of fact, I do!"
    Bryson gestured for Gendrik to remain where he was for a moment. He returned a few seconds later from his storage house behind the stand with a large slab of venison.
    "Ya know what? My boy Huell trapped this poor sod yesterday out behind our home. Of course, being the choice meat he was, I had to do my job. Because of your deeds, I want you to take this. Free of charge."
    "Oh, no, Bryson, I couldn--- Eh, what's the hurt? Okay!"
    Gendrik took the slab of meat, probably weighing in at a substantial six or seven pounds, Gendrik returned to his small quarters at the church, and placed it on his meat rack, and salted it.

    Being as he is, not very charismatic, but loving people, Gendrik sent for a messenger. A boy maybe twelve years old showed up at his door soon after. Gendrik looked down to him and grinned.
    "Alright, boy, I want you to send these letters to the following people..." He then proceeded to list the names of the members of his adventuring party, and sent the boy on his way, not before flicking him his usual generous silver piece.
    "Oh, boy, you may want to ask a paladin of the church to assist you when approaching the female. It's not the safest part of town over there!" It was in his best interests to protect all of those around him, Gendrik felt.

    While awaiting his company, or word from the messenger boy, he began preparing the venison. A slab of meat this large would surely take more than twelve hours to prepare, so he had ample time to return to the market district. Eh, I'll go tomorrow, first thing in the morning, to get my seasonings and such. I only hope my future company will enjoy this dish as much as I... He thought. For now, I'll hit the hay.

    And so he did.

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    Returning from the Raider's Cave Empty Re: Returning from the Raider's Cave

    Post by vzWander on Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:55 pm

    Oz Vessalius

    A boy who grew up among the monks. Abandoned as a baby, Oz at an early age, excelled in becoming a monk. For him, nothing else mattered other than becoming as strong as he could be. Some would say that he had some kind of God Complex, trying to become so strong at such an early age, but Oz's true intentions were far from that. He was looking for a purpose, a reason to live. If his own parents abandoned him, then why was he still here? Why was he left in the hands of monks?

    So he trained, and trained until he would find what he was looking for. At the age of 14, Oz had completed his early training and was ready to travel and spread wisdom across the land. This was what he had been training for his whole life, he was finally going to find his purpose. At least...that's what he thought, starting out back then. After leaving his peaceful home, Oz quickly learned how harsh life was and everything suddenly became more real for him. I mean by no chance was Oz spoiled or anything, but he never expected the world to be filled with so much corruption and greed.

    Regardless of how corrupted the world might have been, Oz was on a mission and he wasn't going to let anything get in his way of completing it. Being of kind heart Oz found himself hopping from village to village, helping those in need and protecting the weak from bandits and raiders. He has been doing this for several years now and has even made a companion in the process.

    Erlgar High...a dwarf who really didn't care about Oz's approach to solving problems with diplomacy and helping those in need. In almost every way, Erlgar was the exact opposite of Oz. Though they both needed a companion and managed to get along just fine...or as fine as a good monk and a somewhat evil dwarf could get along.

    In one of their most recent endeavors to help a village, or in other words, Oz trying to be the good guy while Erlgar kind of just trailed along complaining about how being a good guy was stupid. They were trying to get some gold for a village that had been in poverty for quite some time now. Of course Erlgar wanted to keep the gold for himself or at least a good portion of it...however, Oz was usually pretty good with convincing Erlgar to do the right thing even if he didn't want to.

    While traveling on the road, they were ambushed and captured by a group of Kobalds. The next thing Oz remembered was waking up in a cave, in front of a party of four travelers. Thankfully, they were there to help and allowed Oz to join their party. They managed to escape the cave but it was certainly no easy feat. Oz himself, almost died twice. He never came that close to death was a strange feeling. While in the cave, they also found Erlgar and welcomed him into the party as well. Luckily everyone made it out okay, but Oz certainly had a lot to think about now...


    Oz counted the number of ants crawling on the window sill. All wrapped up from his injuries, Oz had been thinking about what had happened in the cave. He laid back in his bed and stared at the old  decrepit ceiling of the inn he was staying in. He tried to value what  silence he had left, for surely Erlgar would come and find him soon.

    After almost getting killed twice, Oz thought about what he was doing with his life. Was he any closer to finding his purpose than when he left home 3 years ago? Are his good deeds getting him anywhere? What was he doing?

    The night had fallen upon him faster than he expected. Normally he would go and see what the city had to offer him, but in the condition he was in right now, he really didn't feel like getting out of bed. He decided to just sleep off his stress, and hoped to start off fresh in the morning. Besides, he wasn't in the mood to talk to Erlgar anyways. He feared they would just end up arguing.

    With that, Oz rearranged his pillow, threw his blanket over himself, and he was off to sleep...

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    Post by Guest on Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:09 am

    “ Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”

    After the night of visiting the Raider's Cave, the hooded woman made her way in to the city without saying a word to her new-found allies.  As she headed towards the filthy slums of the city, she made her way into a tiny home with barred windows.  On the door were deep scratches and carvings of insulting names and filthy words that she had scratched out the best she could.  Behind the door, however, was a large hound awaiting her.  The canine panted loudly, its tail swaying left to right lazily.  Lilith chuckled, reaching a fingerless gloved hand down to pet the animal.  “ 'Ey, boy.”  She said quietly, her voice somewhat hoarse.  She walked towards her dresser, where her mirror was, and began removing the jewelry from her fingers and neck, setting the pieces down on a mirrored platter where tiny vials of perfume sat.

    As she looked to her left to the mirror, she looked at her reflection and attempted to give herself a friendly smile.  The smile of empty hope and lies, something that pained her to look at.  She looked down slightly, removing her gloves and setting them on the dresser.  She'd reach up and pull the silk string that kept her cloak together, the material falling to the floor around her feet.  She'd begin removing her clothes, throwing them in a pile at the foot of her bed, next to a torn up pillow for her canine fellow.  When she was naked, she'd reach up to pull the pins off of her ears that kept them against her head, and sat them aside as well.  She'd take a deep breath, watching her chest rise and fall for a moment.  ..If they were to know, they wouldn't let me travel with them.. None of them know, or ever will know, that they are all I have.  I don't want to let him down, though... I can't let him down..  She thought to herself, furrowing her brows.  She bit her lip harshly, attempting her best to not shed a tear.

    As she made her way to the squeaky bed, she'd lay herself down and slide completely under the blankets.  She would hold herself in a lovingly, lonely manner, and cry herself to sleep.

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    Post by Hardcore_Donut on Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:37 am

    ((Post Order: Myself, Joe, Anthony, Dave, Katie, Rob, and Tyler (when/if he posts)))

    Alerwyn continued to scribble in his notebook, writing lyric after lyric. He would place different Harp Chords down next to different lyrics, so he knew how he wanted to play that particular part of the song. He softly strummed his harp to be tune that he had partially written out, making notes of chords that sounded well. Once he had written the tale in Elven, he turned the page, and began to write one in Draconic.

    Shortly after completing the Draconic version of his song. He stayed seated near the fountain, and began to think of the different kinds of Dragons, and what makes them different, other than just their color. He focused out of everything, and wasn't aware of the things around him.

    ((Please, even though we are NOT playing the game over skype, please link your dice rolls. This is still D&D, and you still need to roll for your skills. See my Craft:Song check in my first post. Also, sign up for Invisible Castle when you can. Anyone who doesn't post rolls and just does something, I'm going to assume you took an automatic 1, and bad things may happen. ;P))

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    Post by r0b1n8er756 on Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:28 pm


    As the door to the cathedral to Pelor within the city slams shut, Xantharin returns to his senses, a long prayer session interrupted by the disturbance at the entrance. Deciding it wasn't worth getting into, Xantharin decides to step outside to get some fresh air and stretch his legs.

    Walking through the marketplace, Xantharin takes in all the sights and sounds of the city and reflects on the events that occured within the Raider's Cave. He is dissapointed in himself when he remembers his failure to assist Xarrow Sheild-Arm in fighting the Bugbear. "I must never drop my axe again," he vows to himself, "it is what is required of me by my group and Pelor."

    With this in mind, he returns to the Cathedral, hoping for this to sink in even more.

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    Returning from the Raider's Cave Empty Re: Returning from the Raider's Cave

    Post by Gendrik on Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:28 pm

    Fast forward:



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    Returning from the Raider's Cave Empty Re: Returning from the Raider's Cave

    Post by vzWander on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:43 pm

    The Capital

    Walking along the beautifully paved streets with shops and miscellaneous buildings alike towering over him, Oz looked around like a little boy in a candy shop. The grandest city in the human region of the world. The streets were filled with merchants looking for new wares, and adventurers looking for...well, adventure. Oz had never seen anything like it. In the past three years he had been traveling, he had only been to small, small, really really, extra small villages. There simply was no comparison.

    Gendrik, the leader of the party, had brought them here to train and to look for more trouble Oz assumed. Yet Oz followed willingly because he had come to the realization that helping small villages had gotten him nowhere. Perhaps if he stayed with the group, he might be able to find what he was looking for...

    Walking aimlessly but with a purpose, Oz had made it to his destination; The training grounds. Oz didn't waste any time, he put his things down and walked towards some of the dummies.


    Strike after strike never letting his resolve waver. Oz went at it for hours...he could feel himself getting stronger. Once night had come, Oz felt he had put in good work for the day. He gathered his things and wandered off into the bustling streets once again, hoping to find some company on his way to a bar.

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    Returning from the Raider's Cave Empty Re: Returning from the Raider's Cave

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